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Trip to Iceland: story of fascinating Northern Lights

The Cave With A View
The Cave With A View

We all know that a photograph is worth a thousand words, which is why I prefer to shoot and show rather than write and tell.

But when you ask me about my journey through Iceland it takes more than just words or photographs to describe this enigmatic land where the sun, moon and ice seem to be playing hide and seek as they dance around each other.

Isle Of Calm
Isle of Calm

Thirteen per cent of Iceland lies static under the gigantic glaciers that are slowly but surely moving towards the ocean.

And these glaciers house marvels of nature called ice caves. I went across the world looking for these and the very fascinating but elusive Northern Lights.

Ratika Haksar and Sharad Haksar in Iceland.
Ratika Haksar and Sharad Haksar in Iceland.

I spent a month planning and mapping this 15-day road trip around Iceland with my wife Ratika.

As our plane descended we caught glimpses of what were literally the tips of the Icebergs and before us was an adventure we had not even imagined.

Iceland was everything I had expected and more.

Glowberg On The Beach
Glowberg on the beach.

As we made our way under the glacier into the ice caves, we could easily have been aliens on another planet.

These magnificent ‘Crystal Coves’ are formed during winter and melt away by spring time.

Crystal Cove
Crystal Cove

With the wind blowing cold and the temperature dropping to -6 degrees, finally, when I thought I was dreaming, I opened my eyes to the dancing greens in the dark sky before me… the fluorescent shafts of light lit up the sky.

I then began shooting as they put up a spectacular show for us for the next hour and a half.