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What should you do before going to hospital

Doctors and hospitals somehow always fill us up with fear and anxiety.

Though they are life savers, yet no one wants to visit them.

But it so happens that sooner or later we do need them to help us stay healthy, and may be to live longer.

And when you have to indeed make a trip to the hospital, how do you prepare yourself, the family and the loved ones for the trip!

Here are a few insights

Get a good doctor whom you trust will do a good job on you. Then get all yours tests done in time so that you don’t have to run around later.

Prepare your loved ones for your treatment, be it a small surgery or a longer treatment for a chronic disease. Support of family and friends is all that matters.

Fear and anxiety sink in as one plunges ahead; and on the date of surgery, the heart surely beats the fastest. You also feel that you are going to be away from the house, kids and family so the fear sinks in further.

You tend to wrap up all your works which have been pending for a long time. Well, relax; take a deep breath. You shall be home soon, hale and hearty. Be prepared and stay positive that shall pull you through.

Do your arrangements one day prior to the date of the surgery. Check out the rooms and the details. Pack a small bag of things you need for the stay at the hospital.

Add your own stuff also

  • Shampoo your hair as you may not be bathing for the next few days.
  • A trip to the parlour is a must for all the ladies.
  • Also tend to the attendant who shall be staying at the night.
  • Make arrangements for that as well.
  • Some planning and positivity shall take you through.

Rest, have faith and all shall be well.

Check List

Clothes, Toiletries, Bedding, Bathroom Slippers, A book to read, Laptop, Chargers, iPod etc (for the attendant).