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Secrets of the dead – Amazon warrior women

In the excavations of Greek Roman settlements, mosaic of Amazon warrior women were discovered in Israel. The site is called Zippori National Park.

Now what they say are that these Amazon women were make-believe folkloric stories. And their history goes that they had originated from Caucasus and later on ended up in settling down at Turkey which at that time was known as Cappadocia.

The meaning of the word AMAZON is equally interesting. It originates from the Greek word MAZOS meaning breasts and the alphabet A means NO.

And as the story goes, the Amazon warrior women cut of their right breasts in order to draw the bow more easily. Can you believe that!

They spent all their lives in warfare and hunting. Does this sound interesting? The most intriguing part is that they hated men.

They mated Gargarensians men from the neighbouring village and off the children born they kept only the girls; no stories whatsoever about what they did with the male child born to them.

They made an army of women warriors who fought battles and led the troops. They had small tribes and wore typically Roman clothing.

Such passion they must had to have live a tough life on their own terms.

Though they say its a mythical story but many a things can be learnt from such amazing findings in history.