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Ami Shroff: India’s first female bartender

Bartender, Mixologist, Performing Artist and a Juggler – all rolled into one

Ami Shroff

Ami Shroff is a bartender, mixologist, performing artist and a juggler – all rolled into one. 

Popular as India’s first female bartender, Ami learnt this art on the job while working with very skilled bartenders and from the internet. 

“I enjoy it, I am good at it. Because I am good at it, I enjoy it,” she says about her bartending skills.

Cocktail is an art for Ami Shroff who started making cocktails a few weeks or days after first entering the bar. “I learnt it on the job, under guidance of awesome bartenders.”

As regards stirring, shaking and mixing up, Ami Shroff has few rules. She keeps experimenting.

Equally comfortable with flair bartending and juggling, Ami Shroff makes your parties unforgettable.

Ami Shroff is a G Certified mixologist and is available on Instagram. Click here to read her interview.