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Film Review – Heer Ranjha


We all have at some point willingly or unwillingly been exposed  to love poems, romantic narrations, sher-o-shayari  (urdu couplets) and lovelorn words of writers.

The epitome of poetry lies in the Hindi movie ‘Heer Ranjha’ (directed by Chetan Anand with Priya Rajvansh, Raj Kumar and many other fine actors). In this 1970–movie, the magical love story is weaved by Kaifi Azmi, and we find an amazing poetic journey throughout.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of the mustard fields of Punjab, this is a movie where the legendary love of Heer Ranjha comes alive on screen like never before and never after. All the dialogues are in verses, which experiment remains the most unique of all the screen plays anywhere in the film world.

The romance is vivid, the story a classic and the cinematography certainly one of the best.

The heart wrenching story of the star crossed lovers who are denied their only desire to spend their lives together has been portrayed most beautifully here, though Heer-Ranjha has been brought on screen at least 8 times in the last 80 years (1929-2009). From the love at first glance at a rocking wedding where young men are brazenly flirting with nubile girls. From the mischievous and flirtatious Ranjha of his village to the cow herder of  his Heer…

”Ussi ka hoon jogi jiska tha gwala,” Ranjha tells Heer who at one point of the movie is unable to recognize him Finally, from the heart broken ascetic to the dashing groom.

Raj Kumar could have been the only Ranjha. And there could have been only one Heer: Priya Rajvansh.

Strapping in stature and stunningly gorgeous this lady was a woman to die for. Obsessive in her love, resolute in her resistance to an unwilling marriage and forgiving of a family that nearly ruins her life…

Heer was the quintessential woman in love. I must admit that as a child I found the movie funny even weird. I fell in in love with it when I fell in love. It is a movie for lovers – Lovers of poetry – Lovers of old world quaintness – Lovers of Love.

It is a ballad to be visited when we want to feel romance and to hear some honeyed words. I see parts of the movie when I want to see rather than hear poetry.

HEER-RANJHA who lived and died for love though denied by the society are the reigning rulers in the world of love. 

P.S. Please don’t attempt watching if you are a non-believer in love. This is an old movie so watch only if you like the old ones.

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