Let me take you to the Zanksar sub-region of Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir), a place which a bunchful of trekkers from Jawaharlal Nehru University Mountaineering Club and maybe some of you too, have already been to.

Quite possibly, it is perhaps the most beautiful landscape I have visited and trekked in (both in the summer month and during the fag end of winter).

A high-altitude – over 12,000 feet – cold desert region, the journey through it is long, solitary but at the end of it, almost like reaching a never-before-seen place.

In the photographs below, you too can see some of what my eyes saw. These are compressed images and meant for onscreen viewing only.

They were shot almost 9 years ago with my basic/manual Olympus OM 2000 camera, using a fixed 28mm/50mm lens.

To help you better appreciate them, each of the photographs has a caption to it. Hope you find this photo-journey engaging and like me be privileged to visit it.

In the Lugnak Valley of Zanskar (Ladakh), the sight of locally-revered Gombu Rangzom peak always gave me spiritual vibes.
This is what I saw on way as I approached towards it. The puff of cloud looks like a genie taking shape out of Aladdin’s lamp!
The Phukthal Gompa (see keenly on the left) is situated inside a cave in the mountain. From across the river it appears like a beehive.