There is a deep connection between skin and mental health. A lot of skin conditions affect your mental health in a detrimental way.

According to Dr. Rashmi’s Skin, Hair & Nail Clinic, the psychological impact of a particular skin condition on the mind is out of proportion.


Many times patients suffer depression due to a tiny zit on their chin. So, it’s very important to mind your skin and take utmost care of your skin.

Skin can affect various aspects of life including relationship, work, social functioning, sports, and mental health.

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Explaining as to why there are several mental health diseases encountered along with skin diseases, Dr. Rashmi’s Skin, Hair & Nail Clinic says skin is the first thing people notice and it creates first impression of an individual.

Among skin diseases many diseases are aggravated by stress, which lead to psoriasis, eczema, acne and herpes.

The skin is first line of defence from outside world and is important in imparting a feeling of self worth.