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Tips to stay healthy for happier life

Are we neglecting our health? Do we know all the answers? Is it for sheer laziness or maybe carelessness too? Why young people are ignoring warning signs? Do you also neglect your body and health? Don’t you want to stay healthy and enjoy life?

Follow these tips which may be helpful to you; and do consult a doctor for any signs that you think must be reported.

  1. Check your nails and lips. They should be pink and not cracking and peeling off.
  2. The colour of your urine should be light yellow and the frequency normal.
  3. Water retention in the body should not be for a long period of time. 
  4. Periods (in women) should have a normal flow and should be regular. Do not ignore any irregularity. 
  5. Bags under your eyes and fat deposits are unhealthy signals. 
  6. Low or high blood pressure should be under control. Get it checked.
  7. Sleep pattern should be regularized and disciplined. Lack of sleep leads to many ailments.
  8. Get your eyes, ears and teeth checked up on a regular basis.
  9. Check your burps and farts. Too many or too less are unhealthy.
  10. Hair fall and hair texture can be taken care off in time.
  11. The colour and odour of your stool can tell you many a stories. Keep a check on that too.
  12. Daily intake of multivitamins, calcium and iron is what we miss upon due to ignorance.
  13. A random check up of your thyroid levels, lipid profile and blood count is a must. By simple means you can make sure your hemoglobin level is in control.
  14. A simple backache can lead to numbness, strokes and coma. Do not ignore it.

These are just a few things which we can do but we choose to ignore and the reasons are many – lack of finance, lack of time and sheer laziness. Lack of proper health care facilities too? It is truly said a stitch in time saves nine – save yourself and be healthy.

We lead stressful lives and our patience level has become zero but small small things do make a difference. We can at least try, if not for yourselves but for those who love you and who shall grieve you later.

So have an early dinner, a healthy breakfast, a lot of water intake and a good walk. That should be good enough for us to last a little longer and stay healthy.

Also a very important thing – many ailments become big and give us a lot of pain as we ignore them till we drop dead. Don’t let that happen. Meet your doctor before the disease consumes you totally and the doctor is helpless.