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Prateek Shah

Prateek Shah of Digital Defynd

Digital Defynd

Prateek Shah is the founder of digital learning and marketing hub Digital Defynd. 

Through the portal, you may gain access to e-learning training programs and courses spread across diverse industries and domains. 

Right from blockchain, web development to digital marketing, Digital Defynd helps people find a one-stop solution to their e-learning needs.

In his personal capacity, Prateek Shah has trained several professionals over the years to empower them in the domain of digital media and marketing.

After a brief stint with a bank followed by couple of PR exercises, Prateek jumped on to the digital bandwagon to find himself working independently.

He also got into conducting trainings and workshops for B Schools and businesses in India and abroad.  

Luck struck one more time, and this was the moment when Digital Defynd was born.

Digital Defynd is a portal that started as a hub for digital professionals. But, now it primarily focuses on helping students and professionals find the best e-learning programs from across the globe.

Prateek Shah, a virtual people’s person, is a G Certified entrepreneur. You can write to him at prateek@digitaldefynd.com or connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.