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Ruchita Dar Shah: First Moms Club Founder

Aiming to connect mothers from all over the world

Ruchita Dar Shah

“We may be different in size, colour or lifestyles but are united by that great force of nature: motherhood,” says Ruchita Dar Shah.

Ruchita is a mother, two times over. That’s double the qualification required to be a member of the First Moms Club, a group she has created.

First Moms Club was born to share the joy and the pain and to be comforted that you’re not in this alone.

According to Ruchita, even the toughest of challenges can be fun if handled with a sense of humour and an ability to laugh at oneself. “After all, motherhood is tough enough without having to take it more seriously than necessary.”

So if you like honesty combined with humour, join this club where you can freely state your opinions, vent problems and raise issues. Read Ruchita’s interview here. “I’m an accidental entrepreneur.”

First Moms Club aims to connect mothers from all over the world, on various platforms. It has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and has its very own website.

Ruchita Dar Shah is a G Certified entrepreneur. Write to her First Moms Club at support@firstmomsclub.in