Shilani Sadh is a digital marketer and a style influencer. She runs bespoke marketing campaigns under the name – Shilani Sadh Digital Media and Marketing. This vivacious new-age marketer spends 20 out of those hypothetical 36 hours thinking up brand strategies and executive plans for the digital space. Born in Mumbai and raised in Delhi, Shilani’s journey is proof that dreams do come true. She says, you just need to follow them with patience, persistence and perseverance. These 3 Ps can truly be a turning point in anyone’s life. Shilani is also a jury member for fashion shows and beauty pageants, and she uses her expertise to guide young girls who are trying hard to make a mark for themselves in this industry.  She already worked with include Miss Diva 2018, Mrs. and Ms. India 2018 and Face of India. Along with this she is also working as a content Curator for Elanstreet and Dressire. And we ask Shilani Sadh:

Where did you start?

I started my career as an intern and moved to working with international fashion brands. I have been consulting these brands in designing their seasonal collections for over 20 years, now. Such close encounters helped me develop an understanding of how colours, seasons and fabrics can be played with to create beautiful immersive clothing. This experience has given me the confidence to start my own personal styling and consulting business. Presently I’m working on styling projects for international and domestic clients.

What is it that you do?

My experience as a stylist has made me an important part of several international projects, leading to establishing my own venture ‘Shilani Sadh Digital Media and Marketing’. And since many of my clients would regularly approach me for their brand image, this career turned into digital media marketing. I’m a regular contributor to numerous styling platforms across India and manage social media marketing and content creation for many companies. I predict fashion and luxury trends. I create impeccable marketing and promotion campaigns for my clients on digital media platforms.

We hear that you are a huge advocate for women empowerment.

Women face lots of challenges at workplaces and this in turn makes women less ambitious in a predominantly male dominated society which is not yet ready to embrace female leadership. We call girls ‘bossy.’ Have you heard anyone calling a Man bossy? A women determined to make it big in life is referred to as too aggressive in the workplace. Helping women to follow their passions has been a strong priority on my agenda and I have relentlessly pursued many projects online and offline in support of the same. Having worked with COWE for their “Womennovator” project, I’m also associated with PHD Chamber Entrepreneurship Committee and She Speaks.

What do you do as a Style Influencer?

As a style influencer I get to travel a lot and get the opportunity to meet many women and girls who are working hard in their fields. I listen to their stories and have learnt more about their daily lives and the barriers that hold them back. I get a great chance to connect with women this way, in their homes or communities, drinking tea and chatting — it’s actually one of my most favourite parts of the job.