Having fear? Can’t you just do what you want? This is a common carp. Actually, whenever you consider doing that thing or speaking that truth, it feels taboo and kind of scary.

This discomfort freaks you out, so you don’t act, says Caroline McGraw, adding, “Of course, we’re not talking about destructive desires to intentionally cause harm.”

Now, Leo Burnett Argentina has created an ad that says, Do what you can’t. This fear ad has been developed for Samsung’s first commercial for the Latin American region.

The idea behind the don’t fear fear anymore campaign is to communicate the new global concept of the brand: Do what you can’t.

Don't fear fear anymore Samsung campaign

Recently, Samsung started inspiring people to challenge the limits with innovation and technological advances.

It also launched BeFearless campaign in a search for innovative ideas that can demonstrate how powerful technology can be when it comes to solving real challenges that society faces.

According to Leo Burnett Argentina’s Executive Creative Director, “We all have a voice and we can express to the whole world what we feel through technology.”

True, new generations are going to live with less prejudices and barriers, and Samsung’s new commercial reminds us that fear is a thing of the pass. Like Casey Neistat did with his motivational video, Do What You Can’t.

One methodology of dealing with what people say they can’t do, is to demonstrate to them that indeed they can. There are several ways of doing that.

Creativity has the power to transform human behaviour. So true to the belief of Leo Burnett agency.

About the ad: Don’t Fear Fear Anymore, Agency: Leo Burnett Buenos Aires, Director: Milton Kremer, Music: Circle of Sound, Country: Argentina, Released: April 2017.