Looking for gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day? E-commerce is the in thing now-a-days for easy shopping. Be it your daughter or your mother, they seem to be pro in placing an order today.

Amazon, a leading company in e-commerce or should we call it a pioneer, however, has an ad for the Mother’s Day wherein it does not promote its products and rather looks beyond treating people as consumers by sending out a message that is human in nature.

This Amazon commercial stands out among the noticeable digital campaigns across the online medium that tell you that Moms too need to be pampered.

Mother's Day

The advert shows a kid surfing the net to decide what mom would like as a gift for Mother’s Day. The end result is the online marketing site Amazon India.

But, after surfing through the various products available on Amazon, the confusion sets in which eventually ends with an emotional note which makes one smile.

The debate starts there. Is that what a mom wants? Do people actually know what a mom wants? Or is it just to sell the products?

Mother's Day

Maybe just seeding the idea of going and picking up something from Amazon will be the way people will celebrate the day with the mom’s in their lives!

On the other hand, this is a sweet ad which surely springs new ideas into your head. So, basically, the mission is accomplished.

Entertainment website Mad Over Marketing describes this Amazon ad as a ground breaker in e-commerce advertising.

Orchard Advertising, part of The Leo Burnett Group, launched this campaign for Amazon India highlighting what a mother needs from her child in form of a gift on Mother’s Day.

Amazon’s elan that it cares and transforms lives, is established with this ad, even as it builds India’s largest online store that customers can trust to find, discover and buy anything online.

Happy Mother's Day Card

“This is without a shadow of a doubt the best ad I’ve seen in the last five years. What absolute class by +Amazon India  If you live away from home, be prepared to get all teared up after you watch this,” said Rohan Kamath, while commenting on the ad on YouTube.

Your mother always puts you above everything else, so it’s time for you to surprise her, after watching this Amazon ad, or you’re still busy pulling together best Mother’s Day gift ideas? Pamper your Mom, gift her the best.

About the ad: Happy Mother’s Day, Agency: Orchard Advertising, Director: Orchard Advertising, Music: Anand, Country: India, Released: April 2015.