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Nidhi Sharma: Bon Impressions Founder

Focusing on Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational Coaching

Nidhi Sharma

While working with Candid, Oglivy, Jagran Solutions and Freespirit, Nidhi Sharma developed the passion to work with people and clients to achieve greater satisfaction.

Her company Bon Impressions is now now focusing on Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational coaching, offering much value through her skills, interests and certifications.

“I worked with market leaders, I interacted with people from diverse walks of life and this, combined with my keen interest in human and consumer behaviour, led me to believe that there is an urgent need for development in individuals to excel as professionals through behavioural transformations,” says Nidhi.

She works to establish self-confidence and instill a belief that we can take our lives from Good to Great, if we so desire, ensuring successful, happier and fulfilled lives.

Nidhi has been successfully practicing as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, Image Consultant and Hypnotherapist.

Read Nidhi’s interview here, where she says – Life Coaching turns thoughts into goals, goals into plans, plans into actions and actions into results.

Nidhi is a G Certified coach who believes coaching is a powerful process that supports people in realizing their true potential and empowers them to make sustainable, positive, inspirational change in their lives.

Contact her at ask.bon@bonimpressions.com or call 09619698572 to book a complimentary coaching session. Bon Impressions is available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.