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Shalini Aroraa Kochhar

Shalini Aroraa Kochchar

Women on Top

Shalini Aroraa Kochhar has been a luxury and lifestyle consultant in India for over a couple of decades promoting and launching luxury brands. Public Relations and Event Management being her core strengths.

She is an author, blogger and columnist with a following of 30000 people – all organic and people that value her opinion. So if she endorses and validates a brand, you can be rest assured the world embraces it.

Shalini is the founder of the Women on Top forum which brings together women entrepreneurs from different walks of life under one umbrella and creates opportunities for them to brainstorm and grow through interdependence.

The forum being an year-old already has 2000 members – all known to her personally. She has done a book called ShaliniSays Women on Top of their Game!

This book features inspiring stories of 100 women entrepreneurs (from the Royal family to Bollywood to doctors, lawyers, spiritual believers) and now she is working on her next which will feature 50 women globally which will be published and promoted by Penguin.

This initiative of hers is to raise funds for breast cancer victims and raising awareness on breast cancer. As a certified Life Coach and Happiness Guru, Shalini travels all across the world in her pursuit of transforming lives – one life at a time.

Shalini inspires everyone to ‘Give Back’. She now lives in Monaco, has her own jewellery brand ‘Sak’s Monaco’ and is definitely putting India on the map as she continues to make a mark there through her work.

She leads an inspired life and is an inspiration herself. Her motto – I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky… So she will. 

Shalini is a G Certified luxury and lifestyle consultant. You can write to her on shalini.sayss@gmail.com. She is also available on Instagram and Facebook.