"You know who I'm, Where I am but you will never find me." Mandarin is out to destroy. Will the Iron Man be able to save us?
Follow the sun and it'll take you to tomorrow. That's what he said. Did they survive the journey? A spectacular presentation.
Feel like taking off your shirt the way Salman Khan does! But then which Khan or for that matter which actor hasn't done it?
Yes the Joe's are back and with a big bang. Duke, RoadBlock, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Flint, Storm Shadow all back in action.
Women in Bollywood's 100 years of Hindi cinema have come a long way, with sensuousness and decency, hand in hand.
Film Review - The Attack of 26/11.
Dance to express not to impress is what he says and what is it that one cannot emote through dance.
Vishwaroop, the Indian Tamil–Hindi spy thriller is truly a masterpiece. The film touches a very sensitive topic with a lot of care.
Bijoy Nambiar did a great job as intertwining three stories together successfully is not an easy job.
He who jived... rocked and rolled ... was India's answer to Elvis Presley as it is said... I recall Shammi Kapoor as a year goes by and feels like an era.
Musings about one of the greatest hits of all time - Appu Raja.
The way we popped the popcorn was poppingly amazing... Y not... We're watching 'Prometheus', after all.
Celluloid journey to the digital age.
After watching Titanic in 3D, one wonders 'Why the concept of 3D is limited over a short range of movies?'
What love Raj Kapoor had for women? Was he a feminist?
He was an army man contemplating his next feat as an but his angst and anxiety made him step into Robinhood's shoes.