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She believes in the best & works towards it with her awesome team onboard G Caffe.

Men who dared to bare in Hindi Cinema

Feel like taking off your shirt the way Salman Khan does! But then which Khan or for that matter which actor hasn't done it?

Film Review – G.I.JOE Retaliation

Yes the Joe's are back and with a big bang. Duke, RoadBlock, Lady Jaye, Snake Eyes, Jinx, Flint, Storm Shadow all back in action.

Who are the women wearing hot pants in Bollywood films

Women in Bollywood's 100 years of Hindi cinema have come a long way, with sensuousness and decency, hand in hand.

Film Review – The Attacks Of 26/11

Film Review - The Attack of 26/11.

Film Review – Any Body Can Dance

Dance to express not to impress is what he says and what is it that one cannot emote through dance.

Film Review – Vishwaroop

Vishwaroop, the Indian Tamil–Hindi spy thriller is truly a masterpiece. The film touches a very sensitive topic with a lot of care.

Film Review – David

Bijoy Nambiar did a great job as intertwining three stories together successfully is not an easy job.

10 dirtiest things to avoid at restaurants

I knew that toilet seats, toilets, roads, poop and all that are dirty but there is always more dirt than what meets the eye.

Shammi Kapoor – Bollywood’s blue eyed boy

He who jived... rocked and rolled ... was India's answer to Elvis Presley as it is said... I recall Shammi Kapoor as a year goes by and feels like an era.

Get your design registered with India Design Council

Can we think of using design as a strategic element for business excellence and as a key factor for innovation, to improve people's quality of life? That's exactly India Design Council is doing.

Sex Education — Yes or No

Two innocent eyes looked at me and what I saw were a thousand questions... Only I did not know, how to answer... How much to say and till what length I should explain... So started a debate, as I asked people... And amazing is what they had to tell me on sex & education or should I say sex education!

Film Review – Prometheus

The way we popped the popcorn was poppingly amazing... Y not... We're watching 'Prometheus', after all.

Virtual vs Real World

It is an open war between the virtual world and the real world. Where do you find yourself, today? Are you one amongst the people?

Recipe – Banana Muffins

When you try banana muffins, you will realise that baking is one of the best stress busters. It does wonders.

How qawwalis burn Bollywood screen

And he burnt the screen with his charisma and won the world. O Humnawa!!! Is it just hand clapping or something else!!!

Film Review – Paan Singh Tomar

And what a tribute to the unsung sports heroes of the nation, who after the glory they bring, pass away in penury... Said Amitabh Bachchan