Bhula de Life Ok, Star Bharat kuchh naya kar

Star Bharat is the new avatar of Life OK with new logo, new campaign and new tagline
Daljit Sean Singh

Meet Daljit Singh who almost killed Govinda

Daljit has strongly emerged as the newest face in the world of glamour.
R V Ramani

R.V.Ramani on camera and the art of filmmaking

Experience of his films is essentially fiction
Murtaza Ali

Film Critic Murtaza Ali Khan

Critic Murtaza Ali on the art of reviewing films

Film Review – Singham Returns

There are some amazing moments of police pride which takes the cake and gets the hooting in 'Singham Returns' and so does Ajay Devgan.

Film Review: Lucy

Lucy is a science action-thriller

ZINDAGI television channel- jodey dilon ko

The new channel launched by Zee TV has taken the nation by a storm
Kick film review

Film Review – Kick

The Khans are the tragedies of their own fates – the moment they appear loose in the frames, they are but naturally laughed at. Review of Salman Khan's Kick.

Film Review – The Grand Budapest Hotel

The director leaves us with a surge of nostalgia in old European times of Countesses and the richness of those days. Ralph Fiennes walks away with the cake.

Film Review – Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Film Review: HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA. It is okay for a one time watch on DVD. Go only if you are a fan of Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan.

Reel and real champion of sports

Sports films are getting huge viewers beside inspiring millions

Where is Alam Ara – the first Indian sound film

Alam Ara - the first Indian SOUND FILM ... It is history now as what remains today are only the echoes of this film....What a tragedy ....!

Film Review – Heer Ranjha

A love story with the depth of the ocean stirs our souls... HEER RANJHA

Film Review – Gunday

A film about Calcutta, Dhanbad, coal mines, love, dances, fights, and above all friendships and loyalty. Gunday takes you back to 1980s.

Why Bollywood does not have good leading men, anymore

Bollywood has seen many male actors come and go during these 100 years that have gone by. Many a handsome men full of charm, charisma,...

Film Review – Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 Movie Review - The film is truly a visual treat but lacks a story. Cinematography is simply outstanding.